Post Screenings

The London Screenings of Beauty and Brains is over.

What I have learnt? I have some very good friends. A crash course in marketing and the reality of production. Is it possible to make money out of film without being in the mainstream? I’m not sure but I do see more of a way.  Now to capitalize on it.

The film looked lovely. All the people who came out to see it a second time remarked on the difference between that and when I showed them the rough cut in the spring. That’s what colour grading is for. Thank you Toby.

Peter Tatchell interview with Sunil Babu Pant was very moving. Then we all ate Nepali food. It was something I’m really proud to be part of.

Next screening are Coepnhagen and Paris LBGT Film Festivals and the Human Right film festival in Glasgow.

Now for the next film.


29th September 2010 – Screening B&B

Tonight, Wednesday 29th September 2010 at 6pm. This will be a screening of Beauty and Brains followed by Peter Tatchell interviewing Sunil Babu Pant, the first openly gay MP in Nepal and founder of Blue Diamond Society. This evening will also include drinks, Nepali food and a donation to Blue Diamond Society.

Screening 28th September in London

This was the first screening of the finished film in London. We’d had an informal screening of the film before it was finished earlier in the year. That was the screening that my close friends turned out to support me. These screenings are now going passed my immediate support systems. Although some friends and family did turn out. Thank you.

It has been a lesson in marketing. Making the film is the fun part. Distributing it is another matter. I’ve read the marketing and distribution advice from various advice givers that surround the industry. It’s good but one has to find a way to make it fit one’s personality and project. For these screening I did my best, but have to reach out further if the film is going to live by itself.

Sunil is an inspiration. He can pick up a phone, send an email and get on with it. He can reach out to anyone. I am thankful for his involvement and support.

The audience reaction to the film was positive and so was the feedback. It was the next step in getting it out into the world. Birkbeck Cinema is a lovely space although rather orange. It has the best projection facilities I’ve found so far.

Now for the Screening tonight. All singing and dancing. Sunil will be interviewed by Peter Tatchell.

Screening Beauty and Brains – London 28th September 2010

where we are at?

As I sit here watching Niraj translate I marvel at the fact we almost have a film. We are getting there. I know quite a lot of people would like it to go quickly but this is the nature of film with no money. It’s now under an hour and a half. It is a little too talky but we are fixing that.

Niraj is a godsend. He came to work with me randomly. My sister-in-law met him at a Salsa class. He was between jobs and had a little time so… a couple of months later he is still here. He never thought post production was quite so long. He’s now a convert to film rather than a normal job where one can actually earn a living. Thank god, I would never have got to this point without him.

It been a while

I failed miserably to keep up with this blog, but am back. The film is in post production in the UK and is almost finished thanks to Niraj Karki without whom I could not have go this far.

The trailer for the film can be seen on


Catching up

I apologize for the delay in my posts but I was so busy with filming I couldn’t quite keep up with the blog. The Beauty and Brains contest is now over and I am back in the UK.  Now I have immediate access to the internet I should catch up on events.

The first thing to mention is that Nepal’s Supreme Court took the courageous step to give full citizen rights to sexual and gender minorities. Nepal is the first country in the world to recognize  third gender as a legal category. The rest of the world is still dealing in male and female. It is also the 7th country in the world to give full marriage rights to gay and lesbains, transgenders, bisexuals and intersex. 

Nepal is proving to more progressive than many countries especially its neighbour India.

Sunil Babu Pant is speaking at the UN in New York this week. Nepal is the 56 country to  pledge support to the gay rights statement being put out by the UN.

The winners of the Beauty and Brains are now being trained in their duties while I go back to the beginning of the contest and start the edit.